Xtreme Tacos: Tacos With a Kick

  Y es, they're finally open. No, their parking isn't any better than anything else in Seminole Heights.  Xtreme Tacos Sign, 2021 T here is no secret that my favorite Tampa based food truck is Xtreme Tacos. That would be the deciding factor if I were debating between two different places. Lots of trips to C. 1949 and 7venth Sun were made because of this truck. You can imagine my delight when I heard that they were going to be opening a restaurant... And in Seminole Heights. This particular trip was actually Stormy's idea, which is funny because Stormy isn't a big fan of Tex-Mex food in general. This is Seminole Heights, so you already know the parking situation is the most ridiculous you'll ever see. You have to circle around the building down this incredibly narrow one way driveway to park your car. Once you have parked, you then walk through the front door. There is a cash register greeting you and you place your order there and are given a number. From there, you

Ichicoro Ramen: Trendy Eats in Seminole Heights

Yeah, people talk about it. But is it worth it?

Ichicoro Ramen, 2017

It's hard to say how I first heard about Ichicoro, but I turned to Stormy and said, "You know we're going to have to try it, right?" Stormy's infamous words still ring every time I close my eyes, "You idiot! You don't even like ramen!" She was right. I don't. But I'm jumping ahead. Ichicoro opened in 2015 in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Seminole Heights. Opened by Noel Cruz to mimic trendy restaurants in places such as Los Angeles and New York City. While I appreciate the new trends in food, and people thinking that Tampa is ready to compete with the bigger cities, I find that I tend to enjoy the restaurants that celebrate Florida's heritage more than I do the next hot trend. While these restaurants work in "world cities," Tampa is more of a Cuban and Italian city. The concept was simple: Noodles in broth plus meat. Every college student's dream restaurant. Cruz took it a step further to include some Tampa Bay inspiration in his dishes. There are a lot of people who will really enjoy this concept and this type of restaurant, but Stormy was right... I don't like ramen. But alas, lets talk about the food!

Spicy Kimuchi, 2017

On this particular occasion, it was just me. Stormy didn't want to give Ichicoro a try, so I was on my own! So, this can only mean one thing... I'll have to eat two meals and you'll have to live with my sole opinion without the influence of everyone else. I sat at the bar and the bartender (whose name I did not catch) was incredibly attentive and was quick to get my water and a menu, and even quicker putting my order in. I will say this: I didn't do much waiting while here. I also went on an off night, so I can't vouch for how this place gets during the weekends. I asked for his suggestion and he told me to stick with the spicy kimuchi. Ok, spicy sounds good. If nothing else, the heat can cover a meal I'm not thrilled about. Or so I thought. Lets just start outright with the fact that the beansprouts in this dish were overbearing. I'm pretty sure there were more sprouts than there were noodles. The pork rinds, while I'm sure some will really enjoy, did nothing for me. The bacon, being the only source of protein in this bowl, was underwhelming at best. The poached egg added to the bowl was simply strange to me, and they seemed to add a poached egg to every dish. The worst part, for me, was the fact that there was very little, if any, spice to this dish. But this wasn't the only meal I got! Maybe they can win over someone who's not thrilled with the concept.

Spicy Abura Soba, 2017

And here's where I personally thought they really shined. The spicy abura soba is a brothless (right up my alley) form of ramen with a poached egg, bacon, some sort of pork, and lots of veggies to keep my doctor happy. Again, this meal wasn't very spicy, however, the meats weren't trying to compete with a broth, and the noodles weren't competing with bean sprouts to shine through in this dish. I think that Cruz knew that he wasn't going to win everyone who came through the door over with his broth dishes and decided to add two brothless options to the menu just to be safe. And I have to thank him for that. The vegetables added a nice, fresh flavor to the dish without overtaking it (like the beansprouts. Can I safely say I hated the beansprouts?) If someone were to ask me what one dish to order here, it'd be the spicy abura soba. It's the only dish I could get behind. 

Things to know before you go:
- If you're already not a ramen fan, don't expect Ichicoro to change that.
- They do offer brothless options, as well as buns.
- They do carry craft beer, which is always a plus!
- The servers all seemed to be friendly and quick. There's nothing wrong with the service.
- If you've never done something like this before, go in with an open mind.

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