Gangchu: Korean Chicken and Beer

T ime for another trendy restaurant in Seminole Heights. Gangchu, 2021 W elcome to 2021. As you can imagine, as anyone living during this period can, new restaurants aren't as easy to come by, and the older favorites are much harder to enjoy. As someone who has taken to using their platform to showcase small, local business, you can imagine how excited I was to find out there was a new place opening. Rumor had been circling for a while that the mind behind  Ichicoro  was in the process of opening a new restaurant. Then I saw it. On Instagram of all places. An ad for the soft opening. Should we check this out?  Kitchen, 2021 A fter convincing Stormy to come along, we made the call over to Brian and Sharnese. We knew we needed experts on chicken to truly help us enjoy this meal. So, I booked a reservation online, or at least, I thought I did. They use an outside program for reservations and for whatever reason, it did not take my reservation. No big deal, they were able to fit us in.

Blind Tiger Cafe: A Zoo of Flavor

It's time to start trying some businesses that I wouldn't normally go to. A coffee shop is the perfect way to start!

Blind Tiger, 2018

While Seminole Heights may be known for their awesome restaurants and craft beer scene, the new emerging scene is the coffee shop. With The Independent's cafe, Spaddy's Coffee Co, and now, The Blind Tiger Cafe in the mix, Seminole Heights continues to become a destination for independent. Of course, there's also the Starbucks, but we'll ignore them for now. Bling Tiger didn't start in Seminole Heights, though. The original location is in Ybor City. And, while I do want to stop in there, I have yet to get the chance. The term "Bling Tiger" is another name for a speakeasy, and Bling Tiger Cafe, being huge fans of history, use this as their concept. The spaces are meant to feel like you stepped into an illegal drinking joint. But you didn't come here for that.

Worker, 2018

So, Stormy and I are driving through Seminole Heights on New Year's Day, looking for something that's open. Anything. When Stormy utters one of her usual phrases, "I want coffee." We just so happened to be passing by the Seminole Heights Bling Tiger location, so why not? Pull into their small (this is Seminole Heights) parking lot and walked into a (also) small, intimate space. The mix matched furniture adds an interesting, homey feel to the space. They offer us cold brew, Kombucha, teas, and your typical hot coffees.

Blueberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea, 2018

I have to be the one person on earth who absolutely hates hot drinks. This dates all the way back to childhood. I never liked hot chocolate, never liked coffee, and can only do hot tea when really, really sick. Luckily, Blind Tiger serves up a whole bunch of different teas. I decided to try a blueberry pomegranate herbal tea with a small pinch of sugar (to keep the doctor happy). There are many fruit flavors that go really well together: Lemon and lime, lime and cherry, apple and banana... And blueberry and pomegranate quickly became a new favorite. Alas, the tea isn't all we got, as Stormy was still chugging away at her drink.

Caramel Iced Latte, 2018

When one thinks cafe, they tend to think coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker at all, but Stormy loves it. She ordered a caramel iced latte and the gentleman working started pressing the coffee grounds to run through the machine. About five minutes later, this majestic cup of iced joe was sitting on the counter, ready for a pickup. Stormy has had a few problems recently with some of the coffee places in Ybor, and she says that it was refreshing to finally have a cup that tastes good and that didn't resemble dirty dish water. I didn't taste it, but I can state that the smell was wonderful.

Is it the same picture? I wont tell., 2018

Things to know before you go:
- The parking lot is small and the inside seating area is also pretty small.
- While the drinks are amazing, they take a few minutes. If this place were to get busy, I imagine it'd take quite a while to get your drink.
- The inside is definitely cozy. It was cold and rainy when we went and the inside was exactly what we needed to get out of that weather.

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