Bern's Steak House: Break Out Your Wallet

Steak? Check. Wine? Check. Desserts? Check. I think we've got it all covered!

Bern's, 2018
Disclosure: I am by no means rich. This review is not a "look at me and how much money I have!" I can assure you, you would laugh if you saw my bank account. Stormy and I saved up to go here like I imagine most people who go here do. We decided to document it so that you can make an informed decision about going here before dropping ~$300.

So, a little back story here: Stormy and I met up with our buddy Brian and his girlfriend Sharnese at Chili's a while back. I made mention that I wanted to check Bern's out one day, and then that my birthday was coming up (two different conversations). I didn't think twice about it. Next thing I know, Sharnese is telling me that we have reservations to Bern's at 9:00 on my birthday. Wai-- What? Is this actually about to happen? The answer was yes. I've never been to this caliber of restaurant before, so I had no real idea wh…

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