Xtreme Tacos: Tacos With a Kick

  Y es, they're finally open. No, their parking isn't any better than anything else in Seminole Heights.  Xtreme Tacos Sign, 2021 T here is no secret that my favorite Tampa based food truck is Xtreme Tacos. That would be the deciding factor if I were debating between two different places. Lots of trips to C. 1949 and 7venth Sun were made because of this truck. You can imagine my delight when I heard that they were going to be opening a restaurant... And in Seminole Heights. This particular trip was actually Stormy's idea, which is funny because Stormy isn't a big fan of Tex-Mex food in general. This is Seminole Heights, so you already know the parking situation is the most ridiculous you'll ever see. You have to circle around the building down this incredibly narrow one way driveway to park your car. Once you have parked, you then walk through the front door. There is a cash register greeting you and you place your order there and are given a number. From there, you

Mr. Dunderbak's: Oktoberfest Year Round

Schnitzel and a pilsner, coming right up.

 Dunderbak's, 2019

University Mall,was a very different place in the 70's. Disco was still raging (probably), bell bottoms were considered cool (I imagine), and Dunderbak's was a franchise store with over 30 locations, one of which was located in University Mall (fact). Of the original 30 stores, three remain. Lucky for us, one of those three stores is right here in Tampa. In 1997, the current owners bought the University location and turned it into a new type of restaurant. One that fuses traditional German foods with American favorites. The beer list grew, and in 2016, Dunderbrau opened (joining a growing list of craft breweries). In 2019, Dunderbak's now serves over 500 different beers by the bottle, 65 on their draft list, their menu is as diverse as one could hope for, and they host weekly homebrew meetings. As a matter of fact, they seemingly have something going on every day of the week! But that's not why you came here.

Inside, 2019

As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by the smell of malt, used to make their amazing, German inspired beers. A very pleasant, bready smell. As you make your way down the hallway to get to the main dining area, you pass a room that looks to be a smaller, more intimate bar. On the other side, there is more picnic table style seating. Once you make it to the main hall, the first thing you notice is the gazebo that is planted dead center in the room. You will more than likely be sat at a picnic table, which is a great way to make new friends, or you can chose to sit at the bar and enjoy one of the almost (if not more than) 600 different beers that Dunderbak's carries, from their own brewery, to local favorites, to some European favorites that have been shipped to the U.S. Regardless of your taste, Dunderbak's will have a beer for you. But beer isn't all they do!

Stein, 2019

Welcome to your very own German shop, complete with steins and endless amounts of mustard. If you're looking for a unique gift, this is definitely the place to come. Along with the candies, glassware, and condiments, Dunderbak's also operates as a German deli, providing you with meats and cheeses that are hard to come by here in the states. 

Der (old) Alte Rote Baron, 2019

On my last endeavor out to Dunderbak's, I started with one of my absolute favorites: The pretzel with mustard. Did I mention that Danderbak's is also a store? Well, they also sell a lot of different types of mustard. In order to promote this fact, you will get a handful of mustards with every meal that you order. I chose to go with the jalapeno mustard for this pretzel, as I can handle a little kick... Or so I thought. The mustard was sometimes overwhelming, but I am not one to back down, so I kept going back. The pretzel is as close to perfection as you can get, soft, warm, doughy, with the only complaint being that it does lack salt (or I just like my pretzels really salty). But alas, I needed something with substance. I chose to go with the Der (old) Alte Rote Baron, a roast beef sandwich with tomato and a chive cream cheese on pumpernickel. Right off the bat, the roast beef looked to be expertly cooked, with more than enough pink still showing for my liking. I've never been a huge pumpernickel fan, but sometimes you just have to take the plunge. One thing that needs to be said about this sandwich early: It is messy. You will need extra napkins as your hands will be covered in cream cheese by the end of it. The roast beef was moist enough to cut out a lot of the pumpernickel's dry character, and the cream cheese and tomatoes gave the sandwich a little kiss for good luck. If you are as daring as myself, you might even dip your sandwich into a bit of the jalapeno mustard. Perfection. Each bite managed to build off of the last, and once the sandwich was done, I was left wanting more, but unable to fit anymore. Until...

Apple Strudel, 2019

So the waitress saw me and must have known that the fat guy would go for dessert. I decided to try the apple strudel as it seemed like the smallest dessert and I could get my fill in. The one thing I will say about this dessert is that it's nowhere near as sweet as I would've liked it to be. I actually found it to be a little on the dry side. Luckily I like apples, but it definitely needed some sugar. Once you get past that fact, though, you can enjoy what essentially becomes a slightly sweetened apple sandwich. The cinnamon did add a nice touch. 

Pretzel, 2019

Things to know before you go:

- The parking lot, while huge, is seemingly always full. It kind of sucks to park here.
- There aren't a lot of tables and they do tend to get busy. Expect to wait during peak times.
- Their beer menu can be kind of intimidating. Check their website for the most up to date beer list.
- They operate as more than a restaurant, also offering a deli and a shop.

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